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Credit Score: 640+
Operating History: Must have ground up experience
Prior Transactions: 2-3 new construction builds
Bankruptcy or Foreclosure/Short Sale: 0x48


Borrower Types: Individual or Entity
Personal Guaranty: Generally Required
Property Types:   Single Family and Multifamily up to 100 units
Loan Amount: $150k-$20m per property
Loan to Cost: Up to 80%
Rates: As low as 9.99% 
Loan Term: 12-24 Months + 1 Extensions (1 pt for additional 6 months)
Prepayment: None  

Ground Up Construction Loans

Looking for smart financing for your ground up residential and commercial property? At First Funding Loans, you will find the best deals on new construction property loans, with low interest rates and excellent services, tailored for your individual needs. With years of experience in the real estate financing arena, our experts are happy to offer all the help you need to make a success of your real estate project.

Why Choose Us for Ground Up Property Financing?

We are a team of dedicated professionals, constantly striving to help your real estate dreams come true. We offer mixed use property financing to both entities and individuals. In exchange for a personal guarantee, we offer loans ranging from $150,000 to $5 million per property. Our interest rates are as low as 9.99%, with no prepayment penalty.

Our loan repayment tenure is 12-18 months, with an additional 6 months of extension, if required. You can opt for an additional 6 months, by completing a few simple formalities. All you need is an operating history of ground up construction. 

With our flexible terms, we ensure you only get the best suited solution for your needs. Simply fill the online form for ground up use property loans to get started. Our experts have wide experience in all types of residential and commercial property and will be happy to offer you all the support you need. We constantly work to ensure that you have the most satisfying experience of investing in real estate.

So, go ahead and give your project the best chance of success. Contact us today.


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