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As existing inventory continues to diminish, and profit becomes slimmer on flips, knowledgeable investors across the United States are seeking out tear-down and vacant land opportunities.

Consider these key factors to take you from land acquisition to completion as you evaluate how you would like to craft new construction loans.

-Land Risk

-Loan Length


-Asset Types

-Execution Strategies

-Qualification Criteria

-Liquidity Reserves

-Minimizing Risk

By developing products that follow the trajectory of your repeat clients’ business, you not only help retain the investor, but create a path for new and more experienced individuals to work with your company.

To read the full article, click the link here:

By Jesse Goldberg

Private Lender, The Official Magazine of AAPL

Summer 2022 (Q3), p.12-14

Published on July 5, 2022


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